15 Mar 2013

We at CFBD enjoy a good natter about the weather as much as anybody; its an identifiably English thing and helps other less boring nationalities spot us from a safe distance..
This week however has been particularly character building in terms of how we are all affected by different weather.
Our great friends at Surrey Basements are currently creating a huge new basement for us in West Hampstead, that will form part of a new-build block of luxury apartments being built by us boys. However, this talented crew of clay-burrowers hail from Brighton and Hove, which this week has been under six inches of snow. In this country, thats equivalent to an all out thermo-nuclear strike; cars are abandoned at the sides of the closed roads, shops and schools close and men and women of all creeds stay wrapped-up indoors, from where they peer out of their windows at a ruined society.
So not much happening at West Hampstead then, where there has been no snow at all.
One might find some consolation in the activities of our decorating team, currently applying their Reuben-esque best to the exterior of a fine five story house in Chelsea. But we've seen a lot of rain in Chelsea this week and therefore very few brush strokes. The team have spent many hours in the vans, heatedly analysing the portrayal of the working classes in the Realism art movement of the late 19th century and other such pressing cultural topics. I expect.
Painting however, they're not.
Well never mind, let us instead examine the activities of our roofing team in Ealing on Tuesday, looking to top-out another excellent Welsh slate roof with its terracotta ridge....at least, if it had not have been so terribly windy, they would definitely have been topping out that roof.
Right, well. Good work men; go and grab yourselves a cup of tea for now.
So where does that leave us, you probably are not asking yourself? Friday, thats where; week over.
Lets just keep a sunny disposition, shall we?After all, next week we conquer the world!
If its not raining....